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Who I AM

Trainer Who Cares

You will be trained by a knowledgeable (MEd), skilled (NASM), and experienced (37 Yrs) Trainer who will work with you to increase your strength and improve your overall health and fitness. My clients often come to me to lose weight, improve conditioning, achieve a personal goal, relieve arthritis pain and for pre and post surgery strengthening exercises.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

With years of success and experience, I will evaluate your condition and develop a plan that is right for you. My training style uses free weights and minimal equipment to provide you with scientifically proven exercises that work!

Your Success is My Goal

I understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often times fails. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes apart of who you are and your lifestyle.My hundreds of satisfied clients benefit from

* Continued Results

* Experience

* Personally Owned

* Friendly and Knowledgeable

* Clean Gym

* Over 35 years of experience

I strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle.



Keeping Moving is the only way to live an active, fulfilling life with reduced pain and increased vitality. Join Me in living to your fullest.

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Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States

(717) 903-8392